Beating the Heat: Prepping Your Gulf Coast Lawn and Garden for the Summer Drought with Healthy Soil Organics

Beating the Heat: Prepping Your Gulf Coast Lawn and Garden for the Summer Drought with Healthy Soil Organics

Hello, garden enthusiasts! Break out your wide-brimmed hats and lather up with sunscreen, because summer is here. And, if you're in the Southern United States Gulf Coast Region like us, you're bracing for the annual round of 'drought bingo.'

But hey, let's not sweat it just yet. With some planning, a dash of science, and the magic of organic products from your friends at, we'll help you transform your beloved greenspace into a drought-busting, sunshine-loving Eden.

1. The Miracle of Humates: Get Ahead with MicroLife

Humates, the ancient decayed plant matter, are the unsung heroes of garden health. They boost soil fertility, aid in water retention, and are basically the multi-vitamin your soil needs. This summer, we recommend the MicroLife Humates Plus, a part of our Summer Lawn Bundle now at 20% off.

Packed with humates, seaweed, yucca, and more, this product supercharges your soil, making it more resilient in the face of drought.

If you prefer a more liquid and much faster approach, try out our newest product MicroLife Liquid Humates Plus. It contains a powerful blend that nourishes your garden with broad-spectrum humic and fulvic acids, kelp, and natural plant stimulators. It's like a refreshing summer cocktail, but for your plants.

2. Soil Fertility: Time for a Multi-Purpose Solution

When dealing with clay soils or any type that could use a fertility boost, our MicroLife Multi-Purpose 6-2-4 Organic Biological Fertilizer steps up to the plate. This hardworking addition to our Summer Lawn Bundle amps up your soil with vital nutrients, giving your garden a major leg up during dry spells.

3. Get Wise about Water: Hydrate with Precision

When it comes to watering, it's not about making a splash; it's about precision and timing. So, go ahead and water deeply but less frequently, preferably early in the morning or late in the evening. Remember, an ounce of prevention is worth a gallon of cure...or water, in our case!

4. Mulch It Up with Native Aged Double Ground

Mulching is the garden equivalent of a Swiss Army Knife; it does it all. It helps retain moisture, reduces weed growth, and even gives your garden beds a chic, natural look. We recommend you use something like Nature's Way Resources Native Aged Double Ground Mulch.

This fine-textured mulch, made from native trees, locks together, resisting washouts. Plus, as it decomposes, it works magic on heavy clay soils and aids sandy soils in moisture retention. It's not just mulch; it's a game-changer.

5. Shield Your Leafy Loved Ones

Protecting your plants, especially the vulnerable ones like annuals and perennials, is key during the summer. Use shade cloth or row covers to shield them on extra hot days. And remember, a bit of TLC (tender, loving, compost) can do wonders!  We recommend Nature's Way Resources 50/50 Mix.

This is a dynamic duo of 50% Leaf Mold Compost as well as 50% Fungal Compost which will provide an excellent balance of bacteria and fungi to your soil.  This blend offers an optimum balance that improves all plants and especially helps in clay soils.

As the summer sun shines down, remember, a little preparation goes a long way. So, don your gardening hat, grab your favorite products, and give your garden the head start it deserves.

And remember to keep hydrated – both you and your garden, of course! We are here to help you grow, come rain or shine (or scorching sun!).

Warm regards from all of us at Keep those green thumbs up and stay cool, folks!

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