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Citrus & Fruit Tree Bundle

Citrus & Fruit Tree Bundle

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🍊 Why Choose Our Citrus & Fruit Tree Bundle?

Unlock the full potential of your citrus and fruit trees with our all-in-one bundle! Designed to provide comprehensive nutrition, this bundle is your one-stop solution for a fruitful harvest.  You get both a citrus specific granular fertilizer as well as a liquid nutritional supplement to ensure the optimum health and longevity of your citrus and fruit trees. This bundle comes at a 20% discount for buying both products together making it an incredible value.

🌿 Key Features & Benefits

  • Complete Nutritional Package: Over 100+ minerals, vitamins, and beneficial microorganisms.
  • Pet Friendly and Safe for Children: 100% organic and safe for all life forms.
  • Increased Yields: Guaranteed to produce more buds, fruits, and better flavors.
  • Healthy Plant Growth: Builds larger root systems and enhances plant health.

📝 What's Included

  • 7 LB Jar of MicroLife Citrus & Fruit 6-2-4
  • Quart of MicroLife Super Seaweed 0-0-0.3
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