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MicroLife Brown Patch 5-1-3 | 7 LB Jug

MicroLife Brown Patch 5-1-3 | 7 LB Jug

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šŸŒ± Why Choose MicroLife Brown Patch 5-1-3?

Combat turf diseases and achieve a lush, green lawn with MicroLife Brown Patch 5-1-3. This all-in-one solution not only provides complete turf nourishment but also fights harmful microbes. It's like having an army of good guys in your soil!

šŸŒæ Key Features & Benefits

  • Complete Turf Nourishment: Packed with over 100+ minerals, vitamins, and natural plant stimulants, this fertilizer is designed for turf grass prone to disease.
  • Biologically Activated: MicroLife's MicroGro Anti-Disease Bio-Inoculant ensures that your soil is teeming with 53 different beneficial microorganism species.
  • Soil Health Guru: Improve your soil's ecosystem, loosen clay soils, conserve water, and build robust roots.
  • Pet-Friendly & Safe for Children: 100% slow release and will not burn. Safe for your furry friends and little ones.

šŸ“ Usage Rates

  • Turfgrass: 20 lb per 1,000 sq ft.
  • Ornamental: 20 lb per 1,000 sq ft. Repeat every 3ā€“4 months.
  • Building Beds: 40 lb per 1,000 sq ft worked into the soil.
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