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MicroLife Hybrid 20-0-5 | 50 LB Bag

MicroLife Hybrid 20-0-5 | 50 LB Bag

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🌱 Why Choose MicroLife Hybrid 20-0-5?

Elevate your lawn and garden with MicroLife Hybrid 20-0-5, a revolutionary organic fertilizer that not only nourishes your plants but also enriches your soil. Reduce your water usage while achieving a lush, green landscape.

🌿 Key Features & Benefits

  • Complete Plant Nutrition: Provides over 100+ minerals, stimulators, and vitamins for optimal plant health.
  • Biologically Activated: Adds MicroLife MicroGro Supreme Bio-Inoculant with 76 different beneficial microorganisms' species.
  • Improves Soils: Delivers carbon to the plant ecosystem, loosens clay soils, and conserves water.
  • High Nitrogen Content: Features Nutralene, a microbiologically digested form of slow-release nitrogen that provides consistent, long-lasting nutrition for up to 16 weeks.
  • Safe for Pets and Children: 100% slow release and will not burn, making it safe for all life forms.

📝 Usage Rates

  • Turfgrass and Ornamentals: Apply 5–7 lbs per 1,000 sq ft. Repeat every 3–4 months.
  • Containers: Apply 1 oz per 5-gallon size.
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