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The Rose and Azalea Combo

The Rose and Azalea Combo

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šŸŒæ Why Buy this Bundle? Unlock the full potential of your acid-loving plants like roses and azaleas with this all-in-one bundle! This package combines MicroLife Acidifier and MicroLife Maximum Blooms to give you the most beautiful blooms your plants have ever produced. Save 20% and get the best results with this specialized combo.

šŸŒ± Features & Benefits

  • Comprehensive Nutrition: This bundle provides a full spectrum of essential nutrients for your acid-loving plants.
  • Powerful Bloom Boosters: Contains special stimulators that encourage more buds and vibrant blooms.
  • Fast-Acting: Readily absorbed through plant leaves and roots for quick results.
  • Pet Friendly and Safe for Children: 100% organic and safe for your entire family.
  • High Sulfur and Iron Content: Specifically designed for acid-loving plants like roses and azaleas.
  • pH Balance: Helps to establish and maintain a low pH environment suitable for acid-loving plants.

šŸŒ³ What's Included

  • MicroLife Acidifier 6-2-4 (7 lb. Jar)
  • MicroLife Maximum Blooms 3-8-3 (1 Quart)
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